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3 Days On Catalina Island

To celebrate 10 years of being besties, my best friend and I we made a weekend getaway to Catalina Island.

Friday - Full filled day including the Ferry Ride, relaxing at Desacanso Beach Club, Peddle Boating, Dinner and Movie

We took the Catalina Flyer to Avalon. We went straight to Descanso Beach for brunch and a nap on the beach. With the sun shining, waves crashing, music playing, and the scent of beach salt the air, we felt like we were in paradise. Next, we checked into Hotel Metropole, we went to the cute green pier, rented a peddle boat ($15/hr) and boated around the marina. Talk about a great leg workout! At some spots, the water was so clear that we could see the fish swimming under our boat. We even saw a seal up close.

Later, we had dinner The Avalon Grille and some Buffalo Milk, a popular drink on this island. We had planned to watch the Avengers at the “casino,” a gorgeous theater on the island but, weren’t able to because of rare technical difficulties. So we went to the hotel, put on our face masks, and relaxed the rest of the evening.

Saturday - Cinco De Mayo! We explored the town, saw Lover's Cove, went back Descanso Beach Club, played at the arcade, got a massage and went dancing at night.

In the morning, we walked Lover’s Cove, a secluded pebbly beach where I’ve seen a lot of sea life. Next, we went to a super cute dessert and coffee shop, Lloyd’s of Avalon then got a big pizza at Antonio’s Pizzeria. After this, we headed off to Descanso Beach again and relaxed while sipping on a pina colada. We even went for a little swim in the cold water.

Imagine this, a white-sand beach, beautiful turquoise water, reggae music and happiness in the air, that’s Descanso Beach.

Next, we hit the Cinco De Mayo festival, where we saw some great cultural shows, dancing, and singing. I honestly had the best tacos at a taco stand here. I got one chicken and one pastor taco with some beans and rice. My meal was just mind blowing!

We played some fun games at the Mardi Gras before going to the Catalina Sea spa for our massage.

Nightlife – There're only a handful of bars on the island. We walked around to look at each one and ended up at El Galleon, a karaoke bar. What attracted us there was someone singing “I’ll Make A Man Our Of You” from Mulan. We both love Disney! So we got a drink there and enjoyed all the karaoke.

Avalon Grille – We went back to Avalon Grille because they had a DJ that night. Many people got there after us and it turned out to be quite a party. We were happily dancing the night away when suddenly Diana pointed at something outside the window. It was a deer just galloping through the beach outside. I’ve been to Catalina many times, but I’d never seen this before. It made the night even more special! We had so much fun dancing then talked to some new friends from LA before calling it a night.

Sunday - Enjoyed the last bit of Avalon before our ferry home

This was the day we were leaving Catalina. We went to get our nails done, had lunch at the Bluewater Grill. We also visited the Humane society to say hi to the cats and pet Portia (an old and very loved little Persian cat) I’ve been visiting on every trip to Catalina.

Catalina was amazing as always. I can't wait to go back again!

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